A simple growth tool for every partnership

VAMP focuses on creating mutual value

Uncover your prospective partners’ current state, desired state + what's at stake

What’s in it for the organization -- and the individual?

Draw a 2x2 box with dimensions of tangible or intangible, explicit or implicit outcomes

What’s at stake if you do or don’t achieve the outcomes?

What is the urgency for the decision-maker?

Connect your solution with the buyer's vexing current state + desired future

What changes will you make to current processes?

Tell a story of a similar client engagement + the outcomes your solution created, or consider connecting two leaders in your social network

How will you sell the organization on implementing process changes?

Who will implement the changes?

How will you measure effectiveness?

Identify, educate + outfit your champion to influence others + manage potential blockers

What is the commitment?

What are the objections?

What are the next steps?

Who needs to be involved in what steps + when do they need to be done?

Propose the timeline, project, budget + set of actions that will satisfy the customer’s need within the available resources

When is the next meeting? 

When is the next milestone?

What is needed to get the right proposal together? *Design together first

What is the client success roadmap? *Handoff package to account management

Why re-VAMP sales + customer-facing delivery?

You can't outsmart or grease your way into new business. Our sales processes eliminate bad habits - such as inconsistency - and reinforce the good habits that are often difficult to choose, but which we have applied to scale-up businesses systematically.


Feeling uncertain? Use VAMP to illuminate common goals, a win-win path where there are matches between your value and a customer's pain + dream. 


Take a vacation from doing everything. Let VAMP show you *how* to connect your product to the market + focus on the right conversations.


We adapted concepts from

 Neil Rackham's Spin Selling 

CEB Challenger Model 

Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

Edward Deming's Fourteen Points

Chris McGoff's The Primes

+ others

to design a method for matching the right customers to the right solutions


learn to apply VAMP

to build a sales system that delivers on your growth goals