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BE Ready

Brilliant moves happen when you've exercised those muscles. Practice the habit of being prepared. Think of it as built-in confidence.

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BE Listening

Real listening takes energy + time. Read our LI post for guidance to shhhh. You must first learn to hear -- and silence -- yourself.

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BE Learning

Employee engagement is more than a score. Read our LI post about clients who grew employee engagement by focusing on purpose + learning.

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Modern Customer Journey

A customer's experience is not what it used to be (hello internet!). Yet sales still rely on old tools and mindsets. Read our LI post about a NEW way of approaching sales, helping entrepreneurs get un-stuck.

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Use this framework to move conversations forward. Help your partner be clear about vexing pain, vision, and what is at stake to create a tension that inspires action.
What is your strongest habit? What are your customer's strengths? Try practicing your weakest habit (usually opposite your strength), to be more creative within your strongest habit.
Socrates was a masterful listener. This model reminds us to reframe the current challenge (vex) and future opportunity (vision) with a sense of urgency (stake). If there is no Creative Tension, go back to what is missing.
Once you've set a creative tension for action, your partners will think through possible objections for why the idea WILL NOT work. How do you keep the conversation going without losing hope? Try these tools to reframe objections as tensions to be processed.