We welcome new ideas

How will you expand Scale-Up's impact?

We are passionate about building a sales training platform in every WeWork location. We believe in helping startups get ready to scale-up. We believe that that honest + fair partnerships can increase global abundance. 

Our team builds + evolves our training modules with our customers. We listen deeply to the individual + team needs from our target market: small + medium enterprises ready to scale-up.

We use the latest tools + the oldest wisdom to connect passionate buyers + sellers.

We support interdisciplinary, self-managing teams to deliver experiential training in good business growth habits. Our delivery is account-based, building human relationships with our client Partners. We are currently designing sales processes + agreements as we learn the Holacracy “operating system” model. 


In search of a well-rounded generalist ...

Hustler / Marketing Content + Design Intern / Mentor

June - August 2017

We're looking for a hustler - a self-starter who gets things done. We are self-managing; we decide together WHY and WHAT we want to achieve - you get to figure out HOW. Sound good to you?

We're building a platform for small business growth. Our customers need easy access our training materials. We need help integrating with two partner sites: The Learning Stone + Springest. It should be SIMPLE and EASY for our customers to find and buy from us. We also want to be simple for partners to license + franchise their own Scale-Up Group. Can you help?

Responsibilities include but are definitely not limited to:

Get clear on project purpose

Figure out HOW to deliver on project purpose

Partner with American co-founders and undergraduate intern (whom you could mentor) to achieve purpose

Celebrate achieving our purpose

Please contact us if you want to learn more about the position or the company. Or if you're really excited to help us achieve our purpose, but you don't like the sound of this position -- bring us your ideas. What do you think we need that your internship could make happen? 

Send your CV + a compelling story about why you could be a great Scale-Up team member.

** 10% commission on any new business you help develop (otherwise unpaid)

** Prerequisite: all candidates must be open to learning + teaching; also must be funny