The Scale-Up Group Presents

sales training + events for self-managing teams

Team Alignment for E-Commerce

I attended this 6-hour workshop to align our frontline teams. We don't have managers, so we needed tools that anyone on our team can use to grow and enhance the impact we make on our community.

30 June 10:00 @ WeWork Metropool | €599

B2B Customer Success Workshop

In just 6-hours, our team got recommitted to our customer success program. We agreed renewal isn't an afterthought anymore, but a detailed plan that our people will execute while learning from the market.

10 July 10:00 @ WeWork Metropool | €599

More Partnership + Team Alignment Workshops

We knew our team was special, but now we see our strengths and opportunities across many dimensions. We can put together complementary teams and onboard new members using a common language. 

Various dates @ WeWork Metropool | €249-599

“action is the foundational key to all success.”

~ pablo picasso


Conquer your fear of sales + adopt good habits of growth.

Learn to navigate the client market, tell a compelling story + adapt to grow your company’s impact.

Scale-Up connects your passion + products to the right customers.