The Assessment


So you're a Commander or Promoter and you want to be more accurate + calm

“Get Focused” Workshop

So you're a Commander or Promoter and you want to be more accurate + calm

As a team member, you are generally optimistic and confident. You’re good at getting people excited and motivated. What would make your results even better? A thoughtful and balanced plan of action that includes details as much as the big picture. You have decided you want to be calmer, and to connect with more people. We have a formula. Introducing a modern and fresh take on personal development. We believe in bringing our best selves to fulfill our personal and business purposes. Work is demanding, and we think you deserve a playful and engaging workshop to re-energise you. This workshop centers on learning to be an effective and attentive listener. It teaches not only to listen so that others can have the next word and to listen for learning and understanding. Furthermore, our planning methods will help you get organized. The workshop centers on thinking through every action and how to go about it. We will help you become more methodical and focused. Bring everything back to a level where everyone else can manage what you are putting down. You will find that people will be more willing to listen. This is because they know you will not run away with the conversation. Using this approach, individuals practice new habits which complement their natural strengths. You will have tools to reframe your conversations with teammates, customers, partners, and even friends and family. You will have more confidence - even in the skills, you feel you currently lack. Long-term practice with these tools includes personal and corporate growth. Immediate results are an increased sense of confidence in strengths, awareness of opportunities for growth, and a clear practice to instill new habits.

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