Meet Our Founders

Scale-Up Founders

Paige Douglass

Scale-Up Founder, Partner, Strategy Expert

Paige has been a consultant for 13+ years. 


Scale-Up Founders

Daniel Douglass

Scale-Up Founder, Partner, Customer Success Expert

Dan has practiced sales for 15+ years in scaling companies. 



Our Manifesto

 Today’s business climate demands that we move from command and control to mission control. The available sales tools were designed for the large hierarchical structures of the past.

Growth has a tendency to stall for scale-ups because sales teams now coordinate with more departments than they used to + align to more technology requirements. If this new way of working is going to work, it requires a whole new set of agile skill sets for internal and external communications and a kind of dynamic steering to allow leaders and customers to engage.

Why SMEs?

Small business, especially the scaleable kind are the real expanders of modern cities and of economic life. They do the unique and vital work of new technology developing, improvising, job creating, and middle class-building that is everything except machine-like or perpetual.

With changes ahead to health, global governance, and weather, humanity requires the kind of improvisations and adaptations that only cities and small business can devise. This will require learning in the form of innovation and improvisation and the freedom to dynamically steer toward often moving targets.

Why Self-Organising?

The future is in collaborating with more agile + self-organising systems. We believe the future for modern sales must also have contractual integrity + open principled partnerships.

Why Scale-Up?

The Scale-Up Group is your community insight hub, life-support learning system, and scientific model to forge the partnerships that change the world. The Scale-Up Group serves you by providing a modern range of tools that are accessible, fun, and consistent in helping everyone scale your platform. We provide tools in a ready-made kit: self assessments to  tailor learning to individual or team needs; guidelines for running meetings; methods to prioritise work; and frameworks to communicate key results.

The Scale-Up Group is a sales and front-line learning partner with offices at WeWork Metropool (soon to be at locations worldwide). We are the “nicorette for sales management” in that we help you break bad habits of traditional sales hierarchy which slow and kill deals. We provide a better way.

We provide various levels of access to our work based on your budget, size, need, and location.

Why WeWork?

WeWork provides a home base for the creators, freelancers and SME organisations making life better for people in the world's most productive and creative cities across the globe. This cross-border, entrepreneurial community network is a perfect franchise for our workshops, open source learning, and local Holacratic business community. We encourage local businesses to train at our local WeWork office and we encourage WeWorkers to use us as their own internal sales coaching department.

WeWork wants to support the “We Generation” out of cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Washington DC, New York, Austin, Mexico City, Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai and Johannesburg and we plan to join them!